Saturday, May 28, 2011

Nighttrain oming together

There will be more on this later but last night I had to make a set of pipes for this since its being used in a photo shoot on Sunday. Craig wanted high drags with some offset. I think I got it. All MIGed and metal finished.

Monday, May 23, 2011

89 Softtail

This belongs to my friend Ralph, he hasnt been getting much use out of it, broken secondary belt, running like shit etc, almost drove him to buying a new bike. I havent seen Ralph for about 4 years, he came in my gym the other night and our conversation started up right where it left off, "hey you wanna take a look at my bike, its running like shit". I took it last week, drained the bad gas out of the tank, rebuilt the carb, installed a new belt, changed out the primary oil, adjusted the clutch and got it running right! I just couldnt let it go dirty so a wash, wax and detail came next. now Ralph can enjoy it for the next few month and come October its getting a full overhaul, new wheels, rear fender, seat, the works!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Go out and get Outlaw Biker

Outlaw Biker Magazine is doin big things! They have been working with us and now Choppahead so the least we can do is support them and grab an issue! Check out this issue on stands now and get close and personal with Big Truth's Sex Panzer!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

This Saturday come check us out!!

We got a booth at Chaos On The Hill, we will be set up along side Choppahead and we got plenty of beer!

Steve's Triumph

Again I started with Steve's stock front Triumh hoop and a 6" over Choppahead hardtail and one of their oil tanks. I made up all the mounts, the pipes (which were a huge pain i the ass because of that ARD mag), bars and risers. All the paint was done by Chicago Chris. Seat was carved out by Jay at Truckalope Leather (the art work is Steve's), Choppahead did a top end rebuild on the motor and went through the transmission, its runs like a top!

Mike's 82 Shovel

I built this for my buddy Mike. We took his stock 82 FLH and chopped it up, put it all in a Paughco wishbone rigid, covered it in some black cherry, seat done by Xian leather of course

Triumph hardtail project

This was for a customer, triumph front hoop and a Choppahead 2" hard tail. I welded it up and made some caps to make it appear as a stock rigid, I did the fender struts, oil tank mounts and tank.