Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Karen's bike build

This is a bike I built for my girlfriend, it started as a 79 FLH. We did a fresh rebuild on the 80" shovel and added S&S heads, I made a set of pipes that were nice and sucked up tight to the frame and used some cocktail shakers on the back. I used another set of trees that we made up to be a half inch narrower than stock wide glide and some 41mm tubes, it got 2000 and up brakes front and rear and all the paint was done by Ryzart and the seat by Xian ofcourse!


  1. i love it! next bike I do is gonna be a swingarm shovel. but im gonna leave the shocks on it, not a major fan of struts on bikes unless you are racing. ace bike though!

  2. The struts were an after thought really, it just sat too low for my liking with 11" shocks so we made the struts and Karen likes the handling so it worked out.